Chapter 1

Shout is a boy in the village of Fissure who, although prophecy speaks of him rising up and freeing his nation from a dark evil, he just wants to live the way he desires. Will Shout be able to defy destiny?

 All my life I had lived in mystery. All my life I had lived accepting this stupid prophecy that mentions my name... yeah, you heard me right. The locals have some sort of stone tablet with my name inscribed, stating that I would rise up from the ashes and take blah blah blah... and so forth... personally, I've never read it... but I've been told what it says so that's enough for me.
Every day that I wake up I feel fate tugging at my shirt collar, beckoning me to pursue this ridiculous prophecy... and apparently to fulfill it. You know I've heard about these kinds of things before, in the fairy tales that I read about. Fairy tales of grand adventure, danger, redemption, love, hate, and ultimately some stupid kid who went along the motions the author had laid out for him. What a twit.
Who wants to live a life written by someone else? I mean, that's like slavery, right? And what gets me most about it is that none of these soft gullible characters ever question whether or not they have to follow this 'prophecy'. It's completely silly.
I personally prefer to live each day to its fullest, and I refuse to let it be dampened by some stupid prophecy. It's not that I'm a rebel or anything, I'm actually a stand up guy, it's just that I choose not to believe in it to begin with. Think about it... no one knows when it was written, no one knows if it's even real, there's no proof... just some really old rock someone carved in with a stick, probably a few years ago.
In fact, I was tired of thinking about it... the only reason I give it any thought is because everyone in the village bugs me about it daily. I have to shove them off somehow right?

The End

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