also unknown

     Disoriented, I stumbled out of the alley that Isaac and the other men chased me down. I looked around cautiously, hoping that I didn't look as though I had been through a war - which, technically, I had. I had been fighting my feelings for Isaac, and they nearly consumed me.

     I finally spotted an empty cab and signaled for it to come to me. The driver stared at me then sped away down the road.

     "Why is it so hard to get a ride in this town?" I muttered to myself. I turned in the direction of home and started to walk.

     I had only been walking for about 5 minutes when I heard the booming thunder overhead, then the rain came. It came down in fat, heavy drops, and it felt like buckets of water being dropped on me. I tilted my head towards the sky, a huge grin breaking out on my face - I loved water. With my arms spread wide open, I started spinning in circles.

    I was so caught up in my ecstacy, that I didn't realize that I was being watched.


The End

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