Should I continue?

This is just a small section that I wrote. Some people want me to add it into an actual story, and I wanted more feed back

I was trapped. The only way out of this accursed place was up, but even then it would be impossible to climb to the roof with nothing to hold on to. I looked between the men that were slowly slinking towards me – hungry grins plastered to their faces. One of them opened their mouths to say something, which is when I noticed them. The fangs. They all had them, and some of them were elongating by the second. 
     The one that had looked like he was about to say something paused, a look of confusion, recognition, and horror crossed his face.
     “Faye?” He whispered, disrupting the silence. The other glared at him.
     “Isaac?” I started to feel nauseas as my memories of him engulfed me. Tears tried forcing their way from my eyes and onto my cheeks, and a few escaped as I tried not to vomit.
     Isaac was over to me in a flash. “Faye, Faye! Are you alright?” He raised a hand to wipe a tear off of my cheek, but I back up, leaving him frozen. He looked at me with a puzzled grimace. I didn’t care.
     “STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I bellowed at him anything and everything I could think of. I screamed and yelled at him until my voice was hoarse. I made sure he knew what I felt after he left me – the pain he put me through. There was a silent pause, except for my heavy panting. The men who had been with Isaac had left while I was screaming bloody murder, leaving us alone.
     It felt like years that I had been standing in front of him, taking in his beauty and perfection. He hadn’t changed much in the 3 years we had been apart. Isaac was still taller than me, at least 6 feet. He still had the same, broad shoulders; the same, muscled chest that I had so many times laid my head on. His hair was just the way it was the last time I saw him; a nice, deep gold that was always falling into his eyes, and he still had the same, lopsided smile. His complexion was much paler than it had been – now it was almost white. But it was his eyes that mesmerized me. What used to be a dull grey was now a brilliant neon blue. 
     Without realizing it, I had been drifting towards him on a sea of memories, longing, sadness and love. I reached out for him, my fingers lightly tracing the contours of his bare chest and his face. I felt myself longing for him, the way we used to be. I wanted to taste his lips on mine, and, as though he was reading my mind, he gently grabbed my chin and tilted my face up to his. 
     Isaac pressed his lips to mine, and I was floating. This kiss was nothing like we had shared before. This was full of promises, apologies and guilt. Just as his arms found their way to my waist, I pulled away gasping. My mind was muddled, and I was suddenly sobbing.

The End

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