Quiet Noise

“Naruto! I swear to Kami! I asked you to move this box before you left this morning!” She cried.

“I’m busy okay! I, unlike you, have a job!” He shouted back.

“For your information, I’m also employed as of an hour ago.” Karin huffed as she pushed into the apartment.

The whirring stopped, Naruto peeked his head into the living room to look at her.

“Doin’ what?”

Karin pushed her glasses up to check them back onto the bridge of her nose.

“Computer security. Luckily it’s something I don’t have to leave the house for.”

Karui didn’t want to know how, because she knew that the answer was something she didn’t want to hear. But her curiosity was getting the better of her.

“How exactly did you get your position?”

“I hacked into--”

“You finish that thought and I’ll arrest you here and now.”

Karin rested her chin atop of Karui’s head.

“Don’t you think it’s a little for the threats? If you pull them out so soon, your first day must have gone swimmingly. What happened?”

Karui gave a tired sigh and closed her eyes. How was she going to phrase this?

“I’m fine. Today went swell.” She practically felt Karin roll her eyes in the same fashion she had done earlier. Naruto’s light steps retreated back into kitchen, the machine making noise again. Her two family members went silent. Goosebumps went up Karui’s arm at the quiet. The three of them had learned that if the needed information from one another, nothing grated their nerves than being quiet. It just wasn’t natural for any of them to not make a sound.

Karui caved in quickly.

The End

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