Robin Returns

“--And I’m sure you can probably figure out the rest. I saved the day and they offered me a job. As of tomorrow, I’m an employee of the Toad Sage Tea and Coffee House.”

Karui stared in disbelief. She wasn’t sure if that burning sensation was pride or anger. Either way, she knocked him aside the head.

“That was for pilfering my gear and getting messed up before I got a chance to use it.”

There was no point for chiding him for his actions. He’d only do it again just to rile her up and because of his stupid need to help others while being outside the law. “We’re not in Kumo anymore. I don’t need you cause me with your ‘heroics’. The nickname of Kitsune is to stay home, got me?”

Naruto winced in pain, nodding. Karui headed back the living room, all the mysteries at home. There was one question on her mind tho.

“Where’s Robin?” Karui asked, again using a nickname for their other cousin.

“Haven’t seen her all day. I checked her room but she wasn’t there.”

“That’s weird,” Karui replied plopping on the couch again, this time upright. It wasn’t like Karin to leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary. Now she couldn’t help but wonder what their Uzumaki luck had gotten the other redhead into. As if to give her an answer, there was a click of the door.

Karin Uzumaki knocked the door into the same box from earlier.

The End

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