The Kitsune

He had been exploring the streets of Konoha. He was hoping to get this place memorized--not that he was planning to continue his “heroic” delinquency. He had promised not to cause trouble for Karui (there may or may not have been the blade from their family’s sword against his throat when gave his word). Besides, here he was nothing but a passerby. Who was going to notice a disruptive yet well-meant attempt to help someone?   

So there he had been roaming about, taking as much as he could of his new surroundings. It was then that Naruto passed a coffee shop and happened to peer into the glass.

Now all the customers were on the floor, which Naruto thought was weird. That is, until he saw the gunman pointing his weapon at one of an employee's face. The blonde’s eyes widened at the sight. Now protocol, as Karui had attempted to drill into him, was to contact the authorities. But then again, by the time they got here the deed would be done and someone would either get hurt or the culprit would get away. She was going to kill him.

He backpedaled to the door and entered with a ‘ding’ of a bell. The robber turned to see who was stupid enough to intrude. Naruto grinned.

“What’s a guy gotta do to get a coffee in this city?”    

The End

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