Thunder Come Home

A Naruto Cop AU

Chapter 1: Thunder's Arrival

The door pushed open, only to stop short. Karui sighed in the hallway outside of the apartment. It was probably that box that the idiot had forgotten to put away this morning.

The red-headed woman gave a small shove, hoping that whatever its contents weren’t fragile. Upon entering her new home, moving boxes were strewn all across the space. Many were in the living room that opened up to her immediately. There was still so much to unpack and find proper places for.

“Why did I suggest this again?” She mumbled to herself as she threw her jacket onto the back of her couch and hopped over it. Once she was seated onto the cushioned furniture (or rather laid out), her eyes drifted to where a television would someday be. Karui stared at the empty space before she felt her eyes closing slowly. She was rather tired from today. Maybe she had been taking adapting to this new environment too lightly.

Before her lids shut completely, though, a sudden whirring noise caught her attention. Her hand reflexively went to the holster on her hip. She rolled off the couch with ease and inched over to the kitchen. Her first guess was that her blonde idiot of a cousin was up to something, but it never paid to assume anything. Karui knew that well first hand, having thought she’d easily melt into her new department.  

One the case of who the kitchen culprit was, her prediction had been correct. Spiked blonde hair protruded from the male’s head, his back turned to her while he wore a black tank with an orange spiral on the back and orange sweats. He was using her blender, various teas and coffees displayed on the countertop beside of him. Also, she then noticed, one of her bulletproof vest was out next to the drinking ingredients. What the hell was he doing?

Karui lifted her hand away from her gun to cross her arms over her chest.

The End

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