short story

There is no reason for me to tell you this. in fact, is there even a reason for me doing this? Seven years ago, i lived in the rented basement of a burger kitchen. Classy, i know; i haven't really had big dreams throughout my life - why have dreams when you may not achieve them? All i have ever wanted was to get married to someone i love and who loves me back. Simple, huh? Wrong. The amount of girls i have loved and lost in the past is frustrating. It's as if we are two separate magnets, as if we are each the north pole of it and never able to stay together; we always seem to break apart.

So, anyway, the girl i had before i lived in that cockroach filled basement was mental. I had an ok flat when i was with her, it may have been small, but it was a home. So, one day, i came home and found my 'best friend' with her. Let's just say I lost both of them that day. Then, she kicked me out of my flat!

Sometimes, i think i would be easier if i had a bigger ambition in life...


The End

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