Life without Technology

i had to write a story in school about life without technology, this is what came out...


I woke up and shrugged out of my deer skin sleeping bag (sewn together with the sinew of the same deer and lined with feathers for warmth). My clothes also are made out of deer skin. I yawned and crawled out of my shelter, made out of two saplings roped together with the roots of a nearby tree. I undid my root-rope and the two saplings bounced back in place; completely unharmed.

Next I picked up my sleeping bag and shoved it into my back pack which I had made out of reeds. I grabbed the rest of my things – my bow and quiver (made out of wood and a horse’s tail hair) and axe (made out of wood and a sharp stone which was tied onto it with a root. I went off to find a nearby river. I bathed in the river and drank my fill; then I decided to go and find some breakfast. I knelt down by the stream and found the tracks of a boar. The tracks were pretty fresh, they where only about an hour old. I soon found the young boar; but didn’t act just then. I followed the boar and learnt about it first: what it ate, when it drank what it was feeling and, most importantly, when it rested. I watched it threw the bushes, notching an arrow into my bow, and aimed at the resting creature. I pulled my arrow back. The bushes beside me rustled at my sudden movement and the boar shot around, realising I was there. It staggered to its feet and charged at me. Slightly panicked, I released the arrow and it thudded into the creature’s side. I walked up to it, taking my axe out of my belt. He was still alive, but barely. I placed my hand on the creature’s side and brought my axe down, snapping its neck. I didn’t waste any part of the boar; I collected the blood in a cup made out of wood. The bones I used to make knives and needles. The liver I swallowed instantly. When I was finished butchering the boar there was nothing left. It was dark now, so I once again made a shelter; glad that there was enough food in my bag to last a while. I lit a fire, lining the outside of it with rocks so it didn’t spread and cause a forest fire. I curled up in my sleeping bag and fell asleep with the warmth of the flames tickling my face.

The End

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