Short story's

Just a bunch of short stories that i write. they may be tasks i've had to do, such as in school, or at the writing clumb i attend

Demetri stared down at Brooklyn as she slept, her head rested against his shoulder, one arm tight around his waist. He smiled lightly, stroking her hair as he gazed down towards her gorgeous face that was smoothed with dirt. This created an illusion that her usually pale face was somewhat tanned. Her hair was a mess, for it was unknown when the last time it saw a brush. But to him, she still looked beautiful. If it wasn’t for her, he would still be at home, having to face his drunk, abusive father every day. He remembered when Brook arrived in his town; people grew cautious of the strange but fierce girl who appeared all over the place in the grubbiest of clothes, then would disappear like the life of a mouse in the jaws of a cat. He had met her not long after; she was like a deer, pacing the watering hole, searching for any danger. Once he had gained her trust, they talked, and she found out about his father. Then, without hesitation, she suggested he left with her; and so he did, becoming a runner like Brook. After a while, he had finally been able to look through her tough exterior, and now he could see her true self. She just wanted to be loved; and so he loved her.

The End

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