Your Smile Fades In The Summer

Although it is a time with wide blue skies and the happiest environment the earth can contrive, it rips apart the boundaries of what we worked so hard the other three seasons to build. I had been looking forward to the summer since the beginning of the second day of school. Who doesn't? 

But for the first time I had learned what that crazy thing called 'love' was all about. That is for the few months it lasted. In the fall comes many football games, which can either build or destroy relationships, are known for their crazy up and down effects and bringing everyone something fun to discover. And I went to every single one of those. And with that I found one guy who could turn my world upside down and make me realize that I was worth more then the pen in my hand. Then I knew I never wanted it to end. 

But almost a year has passed from that day. And with that much time comes someone else. Doesn't it always? 

We took classes after school with each other at a special building. He didn't live by me or went to my school. We lived in two different states, but lived near the borders of each other's. It was only the two of us in that class. We had the option to leave each other one day. He said that he enjoyed taking classes with me too much to move. At that moment I felt special, but didn't think much of it.

From then I heard rumors about him fancying me. But I had another already, who loved me to pieces. One who I would be lying about if I said that I didn't love back. We had been through so much and had gotten so close to each other I almost couldn't image life without him. He always told me that if he lost me his life would become a train wreck. I felt like mine would ultimately be the same, as I had never been a good single person in the first place. I was lucky to find this gold mine hidden under my own nose. 

Yet the summer was rough on the both of us. He was always gone and I was always home. We had grown apart, and I had expected as much from the start. Yet we tried to talk often, yet never found anything to talk about. Spent endless hours on the phone, our ears ringing with the dial tones reverberating, reminding us we were just adding money to our phone bills. 

So now I was stuck with a mind that couldn't be made up and I worried he was having second thoughts. I probably was too but I wouldn't let myself admit such a thing.


"I'm sorry I can't change the time of my class," I explained with the upmost of grief and disappointment. "My parents believe it's way too late. So I'm stuck alone now." 

He looked down at his shoes, I could tell he was let down. If I felt like it was right I would've reached out my arms and hugged him. But I couldn't manage such a thing. 

"That's alright," He mumbled. "We'll see each other in three months once track is over."

"I hate how your mother forces you to participate," I grumbled. "Do you even like it?"

"No," He explained to me, strumming random chords on his guitar. "But she's the coach. I can't quite. I can make it only when our meets are canceled."

"Three months?" I repeated to myself. "I can handle that." He nodded, and looked down like he really didn't agree it would be easy on him. He needed to find someone from his town, he couldn't love me. I was taken and too far away to be reached. 


"Today is the day," I muttered to myself. "The day that will be the answer to this repeating question." 

I wanted things for me and him to return to the way they were when they started. When they were exciting and my heart would race so fast I couldn't catch my breath. And this was the perfect way since this is where it all started.

He grabbed a hold of my hand and we smiled at each other. The newly constructed football field was outstretched ahead of us and I could feel shivers tingle up my spine. 

"I'm glad you here," Aaron mumbled to me looking over at me, where I smiled. 

"I'm glad I'm here to," I laughed. 

"Louise," He mumbled. "I'm gonna go get some pizza really quick okay?"

"Yeah okay," I nodded. He walked away and I stood in the middle of the field awkwardly. I twiddled my fingers, wondering  if I was supposed to follow him or what. 

"Louise!" I heard a voice yell out behind me. It was familiar, and I could place a name on it. But  it couldn't be. But I turned around anyways just to check. And I wasn't wrong. 

"Seth?" I muttered dumbfound. "What are you doing here?" 

"Danny invited me," He explained. Danny was in a grade below me and was a new kid in my school. Seth and I both knew him from classes. 

"Cool," I muttered. "I thought I wasn't going to see you for another three months."

"I know," He laughed. "Come on let's go hang out."

"But..." I mumbled. 


"Nothing," I lied. I followed him as we walked away from where I was standing near the snack stand. Wouldn't Aaron find it a little strange that I just got up and walked away? Would he be worried that I would get myself lost. I wasn't sure. 

He led me up the hill and stopped and turned and looked at me. He sighed and looked down at the ground and then back up at me, nervousness written all over his face. I looked at him rather confused. He put his hand on my shoulder. 

"Listen," He started, seeming a little unsure. "I asked Danny to bring me here. I couldn't stay away from you." 

I raised an eyebrow and before I could do anything about it... he pressed his lips eagerly against mine. I didn't know how to react, and this seemed like something he had looked up for so much. Finally he let me go and looked at me. 

I just shook my head and mumbled 'no' over and over. 

"What's wrong?" He asked grabbing my shoulders. 

"Let me go," I growled, breaking from his grip. "We can't do this." I turned away from him whenever I said the last part and twirled my hair, not able to sink in any feelings of what just happened. "I have a boyfriend. And we've been together for almost a year. I can't just turn around and forget that. I'm sorry." 

"No," He sighed. "I'm the one who should be sorry." 

I nodded and ran away down the hill trying not to cry because I didn't want Aaron to wonder. Aaron was waiting by the snack shack for me. I fell into his arms and he looked down at me as I dug my face into his chest. 

"I wondered where you were," He laughed. "Did you miss me?"


The End

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