Short Story: Hunger

He opened his eyes to the blackness of early dawn. The cool damp air did nothing to invigorate his senses, but rather highlighted the gnawing pain in the pit of his stomach. He had run out of food yesterday, and hadn't realized it until he came home from work very late in the evening. He had contemplated going out hunting for food, but had decided to go to bed instead, telling himself that he was strong enough to make it through one night of hunger. However, he had not anticipated waking at four o'clock in the morning unbearably hungry.
Suddenly he remembered a place where there was a possibility he could find food. After arming himself with the appropriate tools, he set out at a vigorous pace, but slowed himself to a comfortable but mile eating walk when he remembered how far a distance he had to go. The early morning sunlight curled around the earth, reaching caressing fingers of pink and orange up into the sky. The world relaxed under such massages and seemed to burst with colours soft and smooth. As the sun rose further the dew on the grass sparkled brilliantly, adding perfect highlights to nature's painting.
He noticed none of this as he tramped onwards. As he approached the place his heart started pounding with excitement. His mind focused on the land in front of him, searching out the prey. His footsteps slowed, his whole body came alive to its surroundings as he thought of the perfect meal that awaited him. His body tensed as he glimpsed his prey through the underbrush. Crouching he approached closer and closer. Suddenly he jumped up and dashed towards it. A few seconds later he heard himself saying “Yes, I would like a dozen donuts and my mug filled with Tim Horton's Coffee, please.”

The End

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