Part 1

Short story about a suicide with a (i guess) plot twist. It was just a random story that i typed up during school. hope you enjoy.

Rain was falling and she was alone. No one would stop her. She was smiling slightly, her face tilted towards the rain. Each raindrop looked like a tear and soon enough you coudn't know the difference between them. She was still smiling. Everyone passing by that day would have just seen a crazy girl standing on the bridge, getting wet. They did not know the hell she had been through, the peace she felt as she was going to end her life. She was all alone. She was replaying every horrible scene of my life as she looked at the rain. Blood and more blood. Her mother's screams of agony, her forearm being shredded apart by a knife, the pain so dull she barely noticed it. She remembered this as to not loose courage. She let out a small whimper and closed her eyes, lowering her head. She takes a deep breath and let out a shakey laugh. In the end her friends never came. She looks up at the sky once again, this time wearing a look of determination. She takes a step towards the edge of the bridge. She smiles and got onto the railing. She knew exactly how much time she had left before the pills took effect. She wanted to fall at the exact time the pills took her over, that way nothing would be painful. She had 25 seconds left. She was starting to feel sad. No one had come for her. 15 secondsto go and she was crying harder than ever. She did not hear him approaching. He came up from behind her and swooped her into his arms, hhis eyes filled with shock and relief. Her eyes widened. she never wanted this to happen. She stopped crying. She wanted to see his face. without noticing she let out a laugh. "I love you." She whispered before closing her eyes and letting out her last breath, dying in his arms.

The End

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