The Land Of The FreeMature

Roars shook the stadium as six thousand people cried for blood and another Ninety million watched on the internet. Here the Democratic People of America watched their enemies tear each other to pieces. A large circle with fencing was in the middle of the stadium, bright lights shined on it. Half the circle was split in half, one side red the other blue. Above the lights were massive TV screens, showing the circle. A man walked into the circle with a ridiculous purple suit and long hair down to his waist. He screamed in a shrill voice "Good evening America, good evening! Please, make yourselves comfortable because tonight, well, we got a treat for you folks. In the blue corner, a rebel from the heart of Burmuda, known only as the White Death!"

American's screamed as a man in chains, stripped naked was lead into the blue circle by two soldiers. The announcer continued "Aaand in the red corner, what we all fear, what we hate, what we despise. Yes, it's a terror inflicting sociopath, a terrorist wanting to topple our great country, let me hear some boo's!" 

The crowd played along and cans soon flew at the netting protecting the circle. The announcer put a hand on his heart. "Folks, quiet down for a second... thank you. One of these men will earn their chance to live tonight but first, the national anthem." 

As America sang, the White Death's mind was on anything but their anthem. 


Fires ravaged the city of Burmuda without mercy and the few defenders left eagerly surrendered. There could be no retreat, technology had assured that. Soldiers in green armour rounded up the cities defenders, mostly normal citizens that had taken up arms. A man with a cross below his neck walked with a dozen other citizens that had taken up arms, all with their hands behind their heads. Four soldiers guarded them, moving them towards a wall. 

A young boy behind the man with the cross yelled over the noise of a dying city "What's your name?"

The man laughed "Name's aren't good now son."

The boy asked "Why?"

The man shook his head "We'll all have different ones."

The boy pleaded "Please?"

He fingered the cross "You will know in two weeks, I promise."

A soldier with a silly mustache yelled "STOP!" He limped towards the man with a cross and  asked "That's a nice cross. Where did you get it?"

The man's eyes became fire "An American I killed." 

The soldier pushed the White Death onto the dirt. He asked "Why do you wear it?! Surely you know god is with us?!"

The White Death laughed "I had him at gun point. He said god would save him, didn't help him then." He curled into a ball as an army boot compressed his guts. He continued in a hoarse voice "I wear it so I know he isn't with me."


"... Then conquer we must, when our cause is just, and this be our motto. In God is our trust and the star spangled banner in triumph shall wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

Six thousand people screamed with delight as their fears were waved aside in nationalistic delight. American flags waved and the announcer screamed "Good job folks! Let the fight- begin!"

The roars grew in intensity.  The White Death's eyes grew like fire. He took a step towards the terrorist, the man's beggings lost in the roar of thousands. The terrorist backed into a corner, screaming for mercy. Instead a hand closed around a cross around the man's neck. It was ripped from him. The man with a cross spread his arms out to his sides, one hand holding the cross. He looked up to the sky and waited till the crowd became silent. Four men walked onto the circle with guns. They surrounded the White Death and one handed him a microphone. He took it with a shaky hand, coughed and began "Wake up and rise America. The truth is there is something wrong. Something the people know but are afraid to whisper, to think about, to feel. The truth is that the will of the people no longer exists. It has been replaced the will of governance. I can't blame the people for this, who wouldn't do the same thing? Terrorism, famine, recession it took it's toll. I just wish you looked into a mirror first so you knew what you wrought. My name is Jason and I am a victim of your carelessness. I have come here today to wake you up, to make you realize that my family died for your sins. Now more than ever we need humanity, more than ever we need to realize that greed has poisoned your countries soul. Show me the fighting spirit against corruption that you sing so proudly, show me the home of the brave! Show me a country that's willing to see past it's governments lies about what is gods will, show me a time when I will not be crucified for being different! Show me a revolution, show me an America that will wake up!" 

Jason wiped the sweat of his forehead. He dropped the microphone and walked away with his four men down a hidden staircase into a tunnel. The dawn's early light lit their way. 

The End

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