What lies beneath

Short stories. Need I say more?

Once, there was a mystical world filled with beauty and grace.

The trees were tall and strong, serving as shelters for the people and animals living in them. Flowers were scattered across the surface of the planet, and each type had its own purpose. Some healed the sick, some gave new life to those who passed on, and some created brand new lives.

The people that lived on that planet loved and cared for each plant and animal which shared the planet's resources, and so the planet returned this kindness with giving the people anything they wanted. Because of this equal love, everyone was at peace.

However beneath the surface of the planet was chaos, and evil. The more the planet gave, the more evil was created.

One day the evil beneath the surface created a being to contain the power. The being created, planned to take over the surface and rule the planet, but when the being rose up from beneath the ground, another being was formed.

The two were both created to be equal, one light and one dark. Both stored the powers of the planet within them, and it was decided that the beings be called good and evil.

Because of their equality, neither wanted to harm the other, and so Evil returned to the world below the surface, and good became the overseer of the surface.

When the sun rose, good could see evil in its shadow, just the same as evil could see good through the shadow. The people on the surface devoted time to caring for the planet, and seeing the overseer at least once a day. Before long, however, they began asking more of good, and taking less care of the planet.

As Good became an important leader among the surface people, evil became jealous gaining more power as people demanded more from their protector. Soon evil was not only more powerful than good, but good was becoming weaker and weaker, less able to give the people what they want.

Tired of being good's shadow, evil rose out of the ground once more, and struck good down below the surface. The people ran in fear of what they had created and hid in their homes as evil began to rule the planet.

Evil did not wish to harm the people, only to gain the same respect. In an attempt to show the people it was not going to harm them, evil tried to create a flower. But the flower disguised itself as a healing plant, only to cause pain when given to the people, and the people hated evil.

When the sun rose, the next day, evil saw good in its shadow, and cried. Good rose to the surface and gathered evil's tears into an ocean, bathing evil in the waters. This turned evil into a being of good and so both remained on the surface, having removed all evil from underneath.

Because of this act of kindness, the planet changed, no longer creating evil as people asked for things, but creating more good as the people cared for the planet.

The End

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