To Nina (Side)

So she might have been mistaken about what kind of person her roommate was.  She had had some reservations about having a male roommate instead of the female one she had thought she was going to live with, but those had been all blown away when her roommate had treated her with the utmost respect.

She had never had any vulgar jokes aimed at her by him, and may have even had some thoughts that, perhaps, he wasn't interested in women.  He didn't seem to have a girlfriend either, but that didn't explain why he kept leaving the dorm room so often.

"Out with my friends," he would always reply whenever she asked, so she had stopped asking and had started thinking nothing of it.

But now...the evidence before her eyes told loads of how interested he was in women.  Magazines upon magazines laid in a mess on the floor.  The women hidden in their slightly wrinkled pages ranged from fully dressed to fully naked, yet she could not take her eyes off of them.  To make things even worse, some of the pages had bright notes sticking out of them, as some sort of page markers.

Admittedly, she was curious, so she sat down and flipped through the magazines, just to see which pages were marked.  Some of the magazines were fashion magazines; others were less respectable.  It was a bit...strange, to say the least.

As she perused magazine after magazine, she started noticing something...about the women on the pages that had page markers pasted on them.  They all had some sort of similar features, such as their dark, curly hair.  Hair that usually ended above the shoulders.  Many of them had dark eyes, and thick eyelashes.  There were few exceptions to this.

This was becoming increasingly creepier.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a door opening and closing and she quickly scrambled to get the magazines back in the box they were originally in before she had decided to do a bit of cleaning and had knocked them over.

"I'm back!" she heard him call, and her cleaning up of the magazines became even more frantic.  Why did he have to have so many magazines?

In her hurry to clean up, she tripped and subsequently made a loud noise as her foot slipped on a page of an open fashion magazine, tearing the perfect face of a model in two.

"What was that?  You okay?"  Footsteps headed towards the room she was in, and she could do nothing but look proper, as if she had not stumbled upon his midnight reading material.

The door opened; she was face to face with the shocked expression on her roommate's face.

".....uhhh."  He stared at the magazines, winced at the torn page under her foot, and sighed.

"I-I can explain?" he offered.

"Louis, wh-what is this?" she demanded, wishing she had not sounded so patronizing as she lifted one of the more showy magazines.

"Well, I swear I'm not that kind of guy!" he exclaimed, turning bright red.  "You see, it's a joke from one of my friends."

He slipped into the room, helping her clean up the magazines.  She wondered if he noticed that she was keeping her distance from him, but he said nothing.

"This one time," he began, trying to make eye contact with her, but failing miserably, "In school, my friends caught me with a porn magazine."


"It's not what you think!" he quickly exclaimed, as if he had read her mind.  "I was...looking for someone.  And it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I know now that it isn't.  Anyways, later, my friends wanted to know who I was looking for, so I described her to them.  You know Damon right?"

She nodded, remembering the blonde boy who had come over one day and had pestered her about if she knew a good place to find a job.

"Well, he brings me these.." Louis trailed off to hold up one of the more risque magazines.  "But as a joke, he only brings me the ones that have pictures of girls that look like her.  He even marks them.  It's kind of cool, but embarrassing?"

"Maria brings me the fashion ones.  I think Damon put her up to it because she's usually the nicer one," her roommate sighed, packing the last of the magazines into the box.

"Why not...throw them out?" she asked, finally speaking.

He shrugged as he placed the box back where it was.  "Well, they got it for me?  Besides, it's sort of funny whenever people look inside and react like how you did!"

He laughed, and she laughed along with him, albeit a bit nervously.

"Who was she?" she wondered out loud.  "That girl you were looking for?"

"Oh uh, she's...gone?" Louis answered, sounding uncertain.  "I'm never going to see her again, I'm sure, but it's fine!  These magazines are enough."

And with that, he winked at her, which looked much more suggestive in her mind than it was supposed to be, now that she knew about the box.

"G-get out of my room!" she exclaimed, pointing to the door.

"It' room?"

"Fine!  N-never come into my room, okay?  I mean, I need some privacy sometimes!" and with that, she stomped out, not bothering to take into account that she had been the one invading the privacy in the first place.

Louis just stared at the open door, trying not to laugh.  Then, he turned his gaze down to the torn page on the floor.

"Aww, poor Miss December!" he whispered lovingly to the lovely model's once-flawless face, picking up the page with a small smile.

It had once hurt a lot more, knowing that he would never be able to see Nina, but this was enough.

After all, he had his friends, and Neil, whom he fawned over in public for all to see.

Though he did sometimes wonder why it was that women always seemed to be surprised when they learned that he was indeed attracted to women.  Maybe, it was just one of those weird feminine things...

Little did he know that his roommate was currently calling the dorm manager and trying to get a female roommate instead.

The End

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