Just random short stories, probably fantasy-orientated.

She wondered why nobody else saw them.

Vivid color.  At the edge of her vision.

A dazed look came onto her face.  She stared as the person passed by, even going so far as to turn her own body to continue staring.  The other person's shoulders became hunched under the unnerving stare.

She raised a finger, pointed.  "Fairy," she declared, paying no mind to the fact that everyone was staring.

The boy turned, a shocked expression on his face.

"Wh-wha!  Are you stupid?  Wh-who are you calling a fairy?" he demanded, storming over to her.

She gave a nervous laugh, taking a small step back.  Maybe if she pretended she had been joking.....

"...ehh, just kidding!" she exclaimed, giving a shrug of her shoulders.  "No need to get so worked up!"

"You idiot!"  The boy pulled back a fist, but he quickly dropped it.  Perhaps he had remembered that it wasn't good to hit girls.

A smile curled her lips as she wondered why it was that only she could see these things.  The boy really did have pretty wings.  She sort of wanted to touch them, just to see if they felt like cold glass.

"Where the heck are you touching?!" he whispered harshly at her, as she reached out her hand for those pretty wings.

"Your wings?" she answered, her voice more audible than his.

People were still staring.

Now he was staring at her, eyes wide with disbelief.

"Just kidding!" she said, feeling repetitive.

He spluttered, at a loss for words.  His hand grabbed her wrist and he dragged her away.

His wings were even prettier outside.  The way the light shone off and through them made that dazed expression come over her face again.

"Be serious now.  Am I a fairy?" he asked.

She nodded blankly.  "You didn't know?" she wondered.

"I do know!  I was just testing you!" shouted the boy.

She nodded again, not really listening as the boy continued on about how she had to keep quiet and about how nobody should ever know about this because if they did, then the whole world would be in danger and blah blah blah.

That one water siren in her class also had the prettiest swirls of scales adorning her arms and hands.  One of the seniors who was a mage had also made a habit of practicing his magic while waiting for the bus.  Too bad nobody but her could see the sparks of magic falling from his nimble fingers.

This boy really did have the prettiest wings though, out of all the other fairies she had seen.  It was a shame nobody else could see them.

The End

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