Short Stories!!!

In my English class we have to write short stories so i decided I'd share them with my readers.... if i have any...

A lot of the time I just sit in my room with no one, but Sunshine --- my cat with wonderfully white fur--- to accomodate me. Finally, my friend Alex calls me. She wants to get together tomorrow to go see "Fiery" which was, apparently, voted movie of the year. So, I told her I would check my calendar to see if I had any prior engagements. I looked through the dates and, tomorrow, the twelfth, was open. Then I told her exactly that.

I fell asleep, finally, but only leading to a very weird dream. --- I went to school, and our principal was a general sergeant in the naval services, he had a certain principle that he wanted us all to follow. He also called us his "Personnel". Apparently I was one of his top ranked "Personnel" so instead of sending me to the library to work on the maintenance, he sent my best friend Alex.---

The End

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