The Crimson Blur

The hard rain drenched the rusty hill roads, the grey sky moved with the vibration of the winds. The valley was almost empty, the shop-keepers ventured deep within their shops, hiding from the chill of the rainy winds. Yellowish water gurgled down the slopes flowing gently, the wind and rain made it very hazy to see through as she, clenching her umbrella tight fought the winds to advance, though very cautiously, she had fear in her mind. The same turmoil as the weather. The sky was unusually dark and murky, the clouds growled, she breathed heavily, shivering as her wet hair touched her shoulders.

She was afraid, her mind kept telling her that he wouldn't come. The rain hid her tears but she was crying silently, for it has been a long journey, her gentle white feet ached with each step she took. The eastern hills already lit up, small yellow dots glowed like her hopes. The past was very sun-lit but unfortunately the ends are often filled with storms which when subdue takes away all that existed, all sand towers built with vain, all chains forged with hopes are torn apart and when the sun glows again in the northern sky there is nothing left, no sign of devastation not a single drop of the storm passed. The road emerged down and her mind became more painful, more fear reached her brains. He said that It was over, she knew it very well, all the quarrels, every fight slowly detatched each string in their hearts, until he felt that melancholy was engulfing his life. She suffered in herself thinking of her mistakes, she knew her fears would soon be a reality and she would see him for the last time. For, the last goodbye is very important to smash all bonds and implant sharp pain in her heart forever. Last night long she was sleepless with wet eyes. Somewhere in her mind was the flashes of the autumn last year when they were seated on the same bench, his head on her lap and how her fingers dug into his wavy hair, love drenched each moment then amidst the soothing evening winds. Now the same place will be darker than ever and the distances will be greater than she feared.

Still her heart was weak as love is a queer thing, it stirs all emotions like how the rain mixes with the mud to make it hazy and dark so much that the clarity fails to be understood and the reality is lost within its depths. A few paces away the array of stones marked the pathway of the garden which is almost invisible with the undergrowth, the green leaves sparkled with each flash of lightning. The questions she wanted to ask, she spoke to him in her mind and got the answers she desired the most as if it were reality. All had ended, he would never come back to her despite anything she did, she knew he was desolate and stubborn. The path was almost made, her feet dug into the thick mountain mud. He was there sitting on the bench drenching, from his curly hair rain trickled down. She ran towards him, fighting the mud, panting with tire and fear, a pain engulfed her throat, tears rushed out of her hazel eyes.

"Please don't go, you don't have to do this. I still love you." She spoke with a cracked voice.

"But you made it come, I told you everything, It is choking me like hell." He growled.

She sat down beside him and held his hand between her palm, he pulled it back."Please, enough of this."

"Why did you ask me to come when you knew what I wanted, go away from my life like the clouds, just disappear, leave me alone!"

"Please don't speak to me like this, I came to see you." She cried louder now

"And, now you can go, I don't want to see your face again" he stood up and moved towards the ledge.

The rain grew stronger, his anger was trembling his nerves. ‘Thud', she dropped from the bench. He ran towards her. There she was, her hair dancing with the flowing water. Her face was pale and white. He shook her, bet her eyes were closed. Then his eyes fell on the water, it was crimson, he froze, fear ran through his spines, her white dress was red he noticed with long stains, her hand bled, her artery was slit open, her wrist dug into the water. She was lifeless like the mountain rocks, her heart ceased pounding.

This was absurd, he knew not what to do, love was not what was in the air like the tales in the books but it was a brisk smell of fear. She was insane, lifeless in his arms. He stood up then dragging her to the ledge and rolled her down into the mountain river.

He looked around and hurried his way down the path running. On the ground half drowned in the water lay her umbrella as water swirled round its handle, the same rusty mountain water with a tinge of crimson. And love existed somewhere in the halogen blur of the garden, or over the ledge or maybe in the story books for she knew his answers. 


The End

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