The Burial

There was silence though, I could hear my heart pounding in accelerating strokes, darkness engulfed my eyes which were still searching at both ends for the slightest strain of light. My skin was frozen with the sweat droplets which were accumulating on it. I moved a few paces back, my boots crushed some dead leaves and caused a slow rustle. What kind of night was it? Andrew was supposed to be here an hour ago, he was a man of his words. The woods were so full altough gave me a hollow feeling. I took out the torchlight and flashed it on the corpse lying a few yards away from me, his wound was still fresh, the bullet cracked his skull and made a one-sided tunnel for blood to pour out, and it was sluggishly flowing or maybe it appeared so. I really did not care.

Dirty job, but has to be done. Everything is perfect, only the body was to be given a hidden funeral by me and Andrew so that no one would ever find out. Mr Ramsey would be proud of me although this is not the first time I killed for him. I knew that $1000 all fresh was waiting for me just as I would be done with the body. Stupid! Andrew didn't bring a shovel. It was long now, I was out of cigarettes and was constantly feeling the urge to let the nicotine tingle my lungs. I stood there leaning against the oak trying to see the stars, the highway was not far, I could hear a truck passing by, what a relief! atleast I am not alone in this world with a dead body lying infront of me.

Man! I wanted this to be over soon so that I could go downtown and enjoy a nice cool shower. I heard a soft rustle nearby the undergrowth. Finally Andrew was here, what a relief! I stepped forward slowly, weird thing was I did not hear the car coming. I spoke in a low muffled tone. "Andrew, you're there man?". The rustling stopped suddenly. I spoke again "Andrew?". There was dead silence now. I took out the pistol tugged into the back of my trousers, opened the safety lock and pointed towards the shrubs. "Andrew, no kidding man, come out!". Nothing happened I felt a soft thud in my chest, goosebumps covered my sweaty skin, I was impatient, breathing fast, sweat trickled down my forehead.

I jumped towards the shrubs my gun cautiously pointed. An animal, pitch black sprang back into the woods. It ran and suddenly stopped a dozen paces away from me, it stood facing me. The lime green eyes stood staring harshly at me, it was a cat maybe. I couldn't see its body only the eyes were luminous. It did not move, it was still. I ran a few paces forward and halted briskly to scare it off. It did not move. This was really annoying me. I kept looking into its eyes, it started to move towards me very slowly. I blew an empty shot into a bark near the creature's position, it kept on moving. Adrenaline pumped into my blood like water from a firefighter's hose, my heart pounded so quickly that i could almost feel it touching the ribcage. The moon shone in the gap between us. Cold wind burned my skin as sweat dropped from my forehead. Its eyes were blazing green fire. Suddenly it vanished into thin air.

I went back slowly trying to forget all I saw. I walked on until I went back were I started. My head whriled ; the body was gone. How could it disappear? I tried to find out whether I was at the right place. The highway was prominent. I bent down on the ground near the oak, I was sure it was the right place I spotted my boot marks fresh on the soft mud. I touched a dark wet spot on the ground and smelled my fingers it was blood. Then where the hell was the body!

I felt like a mad man, I sprang back into the woods and started searching, I searched every damn corner. I was halfway into the woods when I heard a prominent rustle behind me. I grabbed my revolver, turned back fast. Those eyes staring at me startled me, I gasped for air, my heart pounded furiously. I fell back losing balance,my head landed on something hard and my eyes filled with liquid darkness. I lost my senses.

When my eyes opened, I was not able to breathe, I could not free my arms, I was bound to something. I tried to move my hands and legs, but it was useless. I opened my mouth to gasp for air, mud poured into it. I was buried in thick mud, mud everywhere on top of me. I was buried in the ground, buried alive.

Suddenly I felt the urge to live, my survival instinct arouse, I kicked hard towards the ground into the thick muddy matrix to push myself upwards. My legs moved slowly cutting through the mud. It was just like a blunt knife trying to cut through a gaint butter bar. I applied full force, I was digging harder until I saw a glimse of light, I dug more upwards and I was out. I was breathing now, the moonlight was still there, only the moon had moved southwards. I had no idea how this happened and neither did I have the mental stability to find out.

I recalled about the body, Andrew buried me instead of the body, bloody rascal, I was furious, I just survived death. Then where was the body? Where was the eyes I saw in darkness? Where was Andrew? my head filled with numerous questions, I didn't know what to do. I walked heavily, my body ached, my head was bleeding from the previous fall and I was covered in mud.I somehow walked down to the highway. i found some cars passing by and hitchhicked on a truck and went to Mr Ramsey's place.

I knocked, the attendant opened the door and showed me to the drawing room. As I entered the room Ramsey said " Come on in, so the job is done?"

"You look messy, what is the problem?" he growled. I didn't know what to answer. He stood up impatiently and screamed "Aye, I asked you something, where is your partner? Is my job done?".

"What he didn't come here?" I asked like a kid who was unable to answer a trigonometry problem. Before I opened my mouth his phone rang.

"He was killed, by whom I ask?" Ramsey screamed on the phone looking at me, I stared  blankly at him.

"Okey, make sure the cops don't know this, I will handle the rest" he hung up.

"I didn't kill him boss" I said, my legs shivering with fright.

"Ya, he was found but not in full, only his head rolled on the highway, must be the work of a beast, no man can kill like that he told me".

"So, where the hell were you all the while" he demanded angrily looking into my eyes.

I thought a lot but was mum. What could I have answered.....

The End

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