The Happiness Machine

Narrator- " It was the worst of times, it was the best of times". Oh, I am sorry this is not the Tale Of Two Cities, rather it is a different story much after Mr Dickens has passed away. Yes, the 21st century in the era of scientific marvels there was a scientist who worked on a machine that would heal all human emotions and convert them into only happiness. Yes there will be happiness in everything then.

Scene:(Scientist working on his instrument shaking it violently, scratching his head thinking and calculating, tuning the machine.)

Dr Charles- Yes, finally it is completed. At least I hope so.

( He puts on a switch of a machine and puts the headphone on his head. His head shakes and after a few seconds he starts laughing madly)

Ha ha ha! Yes at last I know I am the worst scientist on the earth I stole all data from the internet and is still happy after wasting 20 years. I know that I won't get the Nobel prize and I am still happy about it. I am the happiest person on earth.(He starts crying)

(suddenly his doorbell rang, enter Robert a boy who studied under Charles. He takes off the headphones).


Robert- It seems you have succeeded sir. Let me test it, does it really works or  will it fry my brains out ?


Charles- O my boy, it is a marvel pure electromagnetic impulse that will trigger the emotion of happiness in your cerebrum and suppress your tension levels. Just try it (he puts on the headphone on Robert's ears and turns it on.)

Robert- Oh I feel a bit happy, in fact I feel very happy , I feel like dancing. I feel hilarious, I feel I am in heaven and you are God. Why am I so happy?

Is it because I am a loser? Or is it because I don't have any dream? Yes, I know it is because I have been hated by all. I am happy because everyone hates me. I am tremendously happy because I am a person upon whom all laugh.( He starts crying suddenly.)

Charles- What is wrong with you why are you saying such sad things think of something happy. Like think of being Rich. Being well known being loved by all.

Charles- Put it off now there is something wrong with it.

(Robert pulls out the headphone and looks confused, shakes his head rubs is eyes.)

Robert- What's wrong? I think I felt quite happy then sad.

Charles- But the things you were saying were not at all happy and those are not meant to be said. The machine simply makes you happy and I am sure it is not working as it should.  

Robert- Why don't we try it on some happy person. But who is happy?

Narrator- And they set forth to find a suitable person to test the machine. They search all corners of the world and finally reach to the house of a Multi- millionaire Mrs Natasha Gavin.

Natasha- What on earth bring you salesmen here I don't buy any cheap stuff. Be quick I have a lot of work today.

Charles- Mrs Gavin I am a scientist and have invented a machine to make people happy. Would you like to test it? And it is not for sale. It is just to see how happy you are.

Natasha- Do I look like a Guinea Pig to you to test your weird machines? And yes, of course I am happy, I have lots of money, lots of Jewellery I have everything that a woman can have. Bring it let me see how much more happy It can make me.

(The instrument is put on her and then she starts laughing.)

Natasha- Oh yes I am truly happy. I am the richest why shouldn't I be happy. I am happy because I have lots and lots of pearls, diamonds and rubies. I am happy because I am going to buy more. I am happy because I have many cars, fine cars and I love my luxurious house.

But why am I so happy? Maybe, because I keep worrying about my money? I don't know how much more I want. But I don't have any friends, they make you spend money.

No one loves me, all hate me and still I am happy. I love only my money. My money, money..............(She bursts into tears and pulls off the machine)

Robert- I am sorry madam but I thought you may be a happy person.

Natasha- Just leave me alone you sick scientists I hate people (she starts screaming, Exit Natasha).

Narrator- And just like in fairy tales where handsome princes take on adventurous journeys  to find their true love a beautiful princess locked up in a tower, these two men travel the whole world and at last reaches India, they interview many people and at last they meet a minister Mr Shankar Bholenath.

Charles- Sir, I have travelled the whole world and failed to find a true happy person. Will you please try my machine?

Robert- Are you really happy sir? I have seen many people but none of them succeeded the test.

Shankar- Oh bring it on I am ready. I am a good minister and a man like me is never sad we make other people sad.

(The machine is put on his ears then.)

Shankar- What? Nothing is happening to me. I don't feel anything what is going on?

Robert- Are you not happy? What are the things that make you happy?

Shankar- Yes, votes make me happy, bribes make me happy, fooling people make me happy, telling lies to the public and winning their hearts make me happy. And it is long lists don't worry. Just make this thing work.

Charles- Something is wrong it is not supposed to work like this. Why isn't he feeling any happiness?

Robert- Do you feel sad for something?

Shankar- Oh no, nothing. I have no worries at all after all I am a minister. Just vote for me and make me happy. Moreover I have no worries because in our country only the common people take worries, we only relax by sucking their blood. These machines do not work on us.

Charles- But it must work! It is not possible!

Robert- I can't believe it! It worked on everyone, is he the happiest person then?

Narrator- These idiots! Looks like it's time for me to enter the stage.

(enter narrator)

All- Who are you?

Narrator- I am a person who has got some common sense. Let me tell you all. No one is the happiest person and no machine can make anyone happy. No electromagnetic wave can break emotions, where there is happiness there has to be sadness. Humans have hearts full of lots of emotions and each is incomplete without the other. You won't find anyone rich or poor to show your machine works. If you try to induce happiness sadness itself follows like a shadow.

Charles- Then what about the minister? Why didn't he react? He was neither happy nor sad ,what was wrong?

Narrator- Foolish scientist! I was talking about human beings not politicians!   


The End

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