The Dusk On The Ganges

What is the beauty of a woman? It is virtuality that sustains at such great realm in our minds that thought scatter like last fumes of an extinguishing splinter.And still we dare not to tease our senses, not to defy the truth. Still poets define their beauties with words worthier than them, and maybe that is fantasy of the mind that weaves a series of charming events, paralysing dreams which break in the morning with a sweet smile. Though still, can we define the beauty of a woman?

The ancient Ganges was there, flowing with everyouth, and I was there on a rooftop of a house that looked as ancient as my thoughts, only the roof had its charm to embrace the sky. Dusk was near and the water sparkled with tiny golden glows, the horizon stretched far across the other bank with shadowy trees visible with a darkish greenery. The winds too touched the river and blew past my ears whispering a frictional note. I gazed dreamily enchanted bythe river, I only knew sunset was near, the best sunset on the Ganges.Then suddenly I was disturbed by the sweetest trinkle of her anklets as she rose hastily up the flight of stairs and as she saw me the trinkling stopped abruptly as if she was surprised to see me, I didn't turn back to see her. I did not have the courage and neither do I have the explanation. The trinkling sound ascended and I found her standing beside me. She was the most gorgeous angel I ever saw, more beautiful than any beauty ever defined by man.Her saree's end hung from her shoulder danced with the melody of the winds.
She was stuck into the sight of the sunset. Her eyes were so dreamy, it reflected the orangish glow of the tender sun. Her face was filled with an expression of amazement I cant define. I gazed at her constantly I forgot the sunset, time flew away with the winds. The sun went past the horizon leaving behind a star studded bluish sky and a palish moon in the southern sky. There was a slight glow in the air, the river was getting invisible. Only her face glowed with the same charm.

Suddenly she realised that the sunset was over and looked at me. Our eyes met for the first time. I felt so trapped, I wanted to tell her something, I never imagined this fear, this sensation in a person's eyes. A smile curled round her lips and her eyelids dropped everything was dark now I could not see her face. She went away and as she decsended down the stairs the trinkling faded away into the night. 

I was awake now in a very different place, light washed through my window. In a very busy city with sluggish life, only one thing though remained in my mind, the trail of that woman's beauty. Everlasting evanescence. 


The End

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