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The Perfect Girlfriend

I have the perfect girlfriend. Yeah, I know every guy says that, but I'm serious. My girl is always polite. She never talks back, never disagrees with me, always does what I want to do, never asks for anything, and is always happy with me. She could do so much better and she knows it, but she doesn't care. She truly loves me and I love her. 

Did I mention her smile? It could light up a whole room. Oh my God, and her eyes. I could just get lost in that ocean of blue for hours. And the sex, holy shit it's fantastic. We have 24 hour marathons and she doesn't even tell me to stop. She LOVES it. 

I'm just so happy that I finally found a girlfriend because my last few didn't work out at all. They kept on dying when I was cutting out their tongue. 

The End

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