Then the terrible Taschenkrebs flew down to the shore....

They all flew down as if haveing heatattacks! Their tongues drooped to the side of thier sahrp beaks. Their eyes rolled to the back of thier head. They flapped thier ragged black wings violently. Thier cries pircied you ears as they scratched the ground with oen shrap talon.

  Those beloved creatures are knowen as the Tashenkrebs. Wath out! They love eyeballs...and other things! My brother was pecked alive by one! His body still rottes ready to be finished off.

These creatures kill! Five crusadores were eaten alive by them! Fisrt they fly towards your face, reaching for an eye ball!

How can you tell that their comeing???? They sing a song called.....The Danub River Waltz by Struass! Than they swoop down towards thy face. One claw ready to grasp you eyeball. Than making you blind they rip at you skin and clothing!



"I read the sign. Tachenkerbs ay? humpf! Those fools who made those posters needed help...HELP. They justed wanted to scare the town! The town might belive them but, I wont! NEVER! I will keep walkign this shore lien when I feel like it! " That is what I thought as I walked down the shore. The calm wind blows sharp pieces of sand against my ankels. Something smelles foul. I turn my head to see if there is some sort of remain rotting in the daylight sun. None I could see.

I walk and walk until suddenly I find my self danceing to my favorite song. The Danub River Waltsby Struass. It sounds so alive anf fills my ears with ringing. I want more, now. Liek 200 pounds of gold fallign on my head I feel pressure pushing on my head.

Slowely and frightenly I look up. Black, skimpy, raggedy, creatures flap violently above me. Like molasses they kept signing, oen by one the terrible Taschenkrebs flew down to te shore......

When all had landed the singing stopped. What I fool I am! Withotu one more thought I saw a pair of knarly talons before my eyes. The last sound I could hear was ear peircign screeches......everything is black......

                                           ******The End******


The End

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