The Adventure Designers

Ding dong! Ding dong!

I heard from the town of sing song.

I skipped along until a gound a grilling tong.

I picked it up and ran into a pup.

The pup licked me an ffollowed me.

What a silly poem! Every sinec I had coem from the Adventure designers I had beeen comeing up with the sillest poems!

And thou shal never trust those wrigiling witches! They Adventure deisgners were terrible! If you wanted an adventure they would give you one!

 I wanted to travel alround the world. So I am litterally travelign aroudn the world. By foot.

Oh! The bind you feet in a not so kind a spell!

You keep moving until you time is to end!

There is not a end to you journey.

These witches make it as difficult as possible!
What a big tossle!

Their in you dreams luaghing and luaghing!

Your on dusty roads, cuaghing and cuaghing!

When you want to stop you cant!

You want a drink but shant!

The Adventure Designers will design.

But not design in you mind!

So be careful! Don't be tackful! And think, mabye it's best to stay were I am!

The End

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