Then the Flowers all shreiked as the terrible carrot advanced on their bed.

"Dandy dandy dandy dill!" Sang the perfect and happyiest flowers fo all. It had just rain in the Dandy Dills perfect little garden. The gardener evencam eout and gave them flower food. They were perfectly happy! Nothing could possibly happe. They lived in a perfect little flower world. Or so they thought...........

"Mommy!" Yelled the littlest dandy lion of all.

"What?" snapped back her delusional mother.

"The gardener is planting something next to me!" It's a carrot I think."

"Oh goody now you have a friend!" Said her dandy father dandy lion.

"Oh really father! I want be alone any more?"

"Of course not!" Siad that father as he fell into a deep slumber. So the excited little Dandy lion waited for the carrot to gorw, and grow, and grow. She waited for what seemed like months.Until the carrot was big.

"Hello carrot! Want to play?" asked the little dandy lion casually. She waited for a response. For a minute it was quite. Than suddenly the carrots roots pulled themselves otu of the flower bed. The dandy lion screamed. The thing was huge!

All the other little flowers shrieked as the terrible carrot advanced into thier flower bed.

"Help!" Yelled the little dandy Lion. But no one helped as the carrot moved glacially killign everything in it's way. T

The gardener was astonished when he found his flower bed squashed with only a carrot sticking out from the middle.

"Oh my!" He grunted scratching his head "Well it looks like I can a little snack . Dandy Lion salad, with fo course chopped up carrot."

Never attack or annoy anything! The punishment might come back!

The End

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