Granan, the man who loved sprinkles and bunnies.

Granan, the most triumphaint night in Sprinkle land! Granan had slain several dragons, evil emporores,  saved depressed maidens  from thier doom, and had slain the most foul dangerous creature of all time!!!!!...........The BUNNY. Granan was such a good night, so careing for the people of Sprinkle land. He loved Sprinkels too, that's the main reason he lives in Sprinkle land. But most of all he loves Graham crackers and oddly enough after slaying the poor bunnies he would roast them and make Graham bunny smores. Yuck! That is disgusting! Any way....on with the story! ;)

    Once a while ago in the kingdom of Sprinkleworth, or  the land of sprinkels, a problem arose. The princess Rainbow Sprinkle of Sprikle land lost her very close sprinkle puppy, Sprink. The princess of rainbow land looked everywere. She looked in the sprinkle factory, sprinle mine, Grandma Sprinkle's sprinkle factory. Since she wasn't able to find Sprinkle puppy she requested Sir Granan to find him...........

"Hehehehe, broccli....yummy!" said Sir Granan as he boiled some broccli. He started to sing the sprinkle Kingdoms national anthem.....

   "Oh Say does it sprinkle! In everydays twinkle....(oh I do I have to go tinkle)! I shall use a sickel to buy my sprinkle, becuase my people are very...ummmmm...sinneful! Becuase thier a tinful of....ummmm....sprinkels?!"

"Oh I shall never get right! But yet I'm such a good night! What an.....AFUL sight!" Granan stuck hsi nose into the air as he piled burned broccli onto his plate. He started to site down a his cherry wood table when, speakign of cherries! Cherry of the Sprinkle palace knocked on Sir Ganan's door. Sir Ganan didn't notice at first seeign he chewed  sooooooooooo loudly. Cherry kept knocking. Sir Ganan kept chewing and humming.

  When he was he heard odd knocking noise...humm what good it be???? He stood stareign at the door not sure what to do. No one had ever NOCKED on his door before. What must he do? It could be an evil hag wating to feed him a poisened appel! Or it could my THE NIGHT OF DOOM comeing to capture him. At this thought Ganan went horror struck. He grabbed his short, dull, fat sowrd. Rasing it aboe his head he kicked the door open. He flung his sword around yelling,

" Don't come near my evil night of doom! I know how to fight. I fought many animals such as Lions! Dragons! Bears! Evil Emporrors!  And, even though it was against my will, a BUNNY! For I do love bunnies but my poeple come first! So that it why I'm abotu to slay you to!!" He swung his sowrd almost killing poor Cherry is was ever so confused.

  "No! Im. Cherry. Of. The. Sprinkle. Palace! Please. Don't.Kill. Me!!!!!!" Cherry pleaded. But she was to late Ganan swung and cut HIS head of (for Cherry was a lad).

"Hahahaha! You thought you chouls kill me! Hahahaha!!!!!!" Ganan made an evil luaghed and ran to the village.

  Mean while the princess sat in her room terrembeling.

  "Where's my puppy!" She sobbed! "Sir Ganan hasn't come back with my puppy! What if he died trying to save my puppy! Oh no! I'm a murder!" She threw her mournign things on when suddenly she heard yells threw te street she looked out her windo to see Ganan yelling and running. He was saying,

"I have sluaghtedered the evil night of doom, Cherry was his name! Look at me!!haahahahahaha!!!!"

The princess was shoked since Cherry was really her meessenger. She yelled from her window to Ganan,

"Oh Ganan! He wasn't a night he was a messenger!" She sobbed.  Ganan stood still for a minute.

"Wait he was your love messenger! Aha! He tricked you! He was not a love messenger your highness he was  a evil night who wanted to take your throne! This must mean one thing! You are a desperate maiden! I will save you!" Ganan wove his sowrd into the air and ran into the palace slotring everyone in his way until he reached the princesses bed chamber. but it was not the princesses bed chamber. But Ganan didn't know that. So when he saw the King and Queen  together and suddenly the queen's underthings. He yelled,

"Oh princess Rainbow now you are being rapped by one of Evil Knight Cherry of Dooms thugs! I'm here for you!" He thrust his boddy at the king and slashed his kneck. Not noticing that the knig was hugging the queen he cut through hrt throat to.  The Queen of Sprinkle land was half alive her last words were,

"Where are my sprinkeled cup cakes?! Grandma is late! Sir Ganan pleasse go fetch them and a doctor I think you strabbed my kneck!" With that she died. Ganan yelled,

"Oh no! That was the queen! A thug...with her....I saved her!" With that he ran to the princess who was eatign a sprinkeled cupcake.

"You!" He yelled, "Princess Rainbow! Thoisse sprinkeled cupcakes were for the queen!"

"Yes I know, Grandma Sprinkel gave me one! Do you want on?"

"No! How could you say such a thing! The queen spent her dying breath ordering me to get those cup cakes! They were for her and her only! Yo uhave stolen them! So I most kill you after I save you!" With that he picked up the princess and ran out the placae yelling,

"I have saved her!" Know one in the villiage understood and just stood there one little boy was chanting,

"Bunny, bunny, bunny." Ganan dropped the princess and yelled,

"Where is that bunny! I shall slay it!" he said triumphitly. But the boy kept sayign bunny, then pointed at Ganan.

"Who have the teeth, you have the face of a bunny! This is a song I have made for you Sir Ganan!

Sir Ganan is similar to a big canon. He can hear is big boom! But yet he is a small brown bunny.

He is timid and dunb he even suckes his thunmb, not to metion he has a bid bum.

He slayed many things and rescued distressed maidens but had eaten the bunnies since he loves them so many! Now his has teeth of a rabbit and an awful bad habit of eatign the rabbit!" Everyone started luaghing and pointing.

"This brings up a point ,"says Sir Galan, "the boy is very funny just like my pet bunny. Yes I do have a pet bunny named Sprinkeles!" And out of his coat jumped a bunny. Everyone luaghed harder. Ashamed Sir Galan  decided to tell te truth.  Under his coat he pulled out several bunnies and set them free.

"I have lied! I LOVE bunnies and have kept them all! I even picked up this one from somewere!" He pulled out a pugg. The princess yelled ,ran towards him and hugged him.

"My puppy! You found him Sir Galan! Your no a lier or a fool! For your reward you shall marry my and become king! No one will luagh at you for haveign bunnies either!" She kissed him and everyone cheered.  

   That ends our heroic tale of Ganan te man who loved sprinkeles and bunnies!

The End

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