Summer DaysMature

Summer Days


The sweet smell of freshly mown grass reaches them as they lie in the field. The summer sun at its highest point in the sky, and they are tangled up to such an extent that if someone passed, they would not be sure where he ends and she begins.




His eyes flutter open, blinded temporarily by the bright sunlight glaring down on them.


“You awake?” he murmurs, softly stroking her chocolate brown hair. She smiles, Nuzzling closer into his chest.


“No.”  He laughs, kissing the top of her head. Pulling her tighter. He lets the sound of the river lull him back into the warm sleep, beneath the now kind sun.




She wakes, looks up to his dreaming face and smiles. Has she been happy before this moment? Before this day has she felt love? She traces words on his chest, words she couldn’t dream of saying to him. Emotions that had no right to be swirling in her heart. Not this soon.

One vivid green eye opens slowly and looks down on her.


“I love you too.”  His other eye opens, and meets the gaze of those perfect, sapphire blue eyes.  Those four simple words lift her higher than any piece of praise to date.


Her eyes were his favourite thing about her, the way you could lose yourself in them, the way the cut through all the crap that seemed to layer your outside, and find you. The real you. The you that she could care for.


Midnight Blue


Both of them wake, to a glorious covering of stars, shining down on their lovers embrace. Although the sun had long since set, there was no shortage of light, the stars bathing them in a cool glow, and the summer night sky a rich navy blue.


“You know.” He begins; her eyes on him, his on the stars. “Those stars, they have seen the beginning of this planet. They’ve seen dictators and empires rise and they’ve seen them fall. and they’ve seen creatures that we couldn’t imagine walk this earth. They will still be there when this world ends, be it by fire, ice, rain or wind, but I’d still bet every penny I have that they’ve never seen a couple like us my love.”


He turns to look at her again.  The rest of the world was forgotten. It was just them, the moon and the stars.  Their eyes are locked. They’re oblivious to the rest of the world. The stars as their witness they promise each other to themselves. They move slowly closer, their skin almost luminescent in the night sky, and with the stars as their guides they touch each other’s lips, eyes still wide open, electricity all around them, and although the moment passes in brief seconds, the love that fuelled those tender-soft movements will go on for years to come.

The End

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