Short Circuit Moscow

When the 'what was' vs. the 'what is' collide.

The Past

"All I ever wanted was to return the hurt that I was handed."
"All I ever wanted was to break something delicate and return it to the sender."
"All I ever wanted was to soil something pretty."
"All I ever wanted was nothing that you gave me."

Little rabbit, midway in the road,
wide eyes, frigid bones, gave no thought of where to go,
swore that the sum of this world had a heart of gold.

Didn't want to hear those words, cut from stone
set in place, and left alone.
So little rabbit pretended not to see,
so little rabbit prayed not to breathe,
-too loud- caught in the in-between,
the roar of sound,
& being pulled beneath.

Little rabbit said,
"I'd rather be by the river."
"I'd rather rush into the sea."
"I'd rather be hit by a trucker going fifty,
than see your smile again, it's all teeth."

Little rabbit's fur turned to skin.
The cost of bliss had been ignorance.
Here's the anthem to begin again,

The Present

still skittish,
still ticklish,
still skeptical,
still ridiculous,

but when our coffins close and the dust
is all we have to show for what we own,
I want to know that I took your hand
in mine, when we needed it the most.

Weathered colors that have blended in
the early morning rain - never looked
brighter than from the angle of your gaze.

Dropping a match from
the mountainside, to see
if anything is set ablaze,
because in this new skin
I want to hold your hand.

Don't know if this is enough
for the one who takes words
and fashions a masterpiece.

Ought not to know if this is enough,
but at the very least, it's most of me.

Never hear them say,
"Now there's a martyr."
"Now there's a hero."
"Now there's a saint."

But we'll raise our glasses
and we'll shout out as one,
"Three cheers to coming undone!"

The End

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