And it ends

So when Nao got there, which she did shortly afterwards, it was in the wake of a herd of police officers, blue lights, a swarm of individuals running sousveillance, that's to say taking pictures to show their friends later in the day.

Blue was still concerned that the Calibrators would come after him again. But Catferret, who turned himself in later the same day, confirmed to the police that the Calibrator having started the Calibration process had marked Blue as Calibrated. He did not have to worry. Blue didn't feel it though.

Do I look it, he asked.

No, said Del. They - he, Del, Nao - were sitting back in the house having a delightful supper of lake-caught fish grilled with almonds; samphire, slice-&-dice potatoes and some of the light golden wine of the region. I think if you had been Calibrated you'd know. 

Good of you to come all that way, Blue said to Nao. Nao smiled.

Pleasure, she said. After we have eaten I shall go for a walk by the lake I think. You'll have things to talk about.

* * *

Lying in his bed, Blue looked at the trees outside. There was no sign of any Cheshire Cat. The Cat had no doubt gone on into the woods. He felt for her though, all alone. Perhaps there were other Cats in the woods and she would at last find others of her kind.

Del, beside him, pressed into him. With one finger he traced three words on her bare back.

She chuckled.

Oh, she said, you're allowed to say that now.

So he did.

The End

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