In which Blue gains meaningful employment

He might, if he hadn't fetched up on Del's doorstep just when the house needed a new tenant, have ended up at the Harbour Church of St Cyril the Dubious (normally known as the Church of Cyril the Dodgy) instead, as a mendicant to be made homeful, for Upland was mindful of its citizens and allowing someone to remain unhoused was in breach of its charter. Del and Anna Bergstrom went back years - Anna had been Del's music teacher back in the day and, it was rumoured, her lover, although Del would not be drawn on such a matter, claiming it was nobody's business but her own. So a quick call to Anna and yes, as it happened, they did need someone to as Blue himself put it later,

"look after the shop so the Void Control Officer can get on with her job of controlling the Void."

This meant an end to mooching around the house (or more properly, keeping the house in order, clean and tidy, which he had been). 

It also meant new clothes, for which Del lent him the money.

He got on fine with Bergstrom and if he admitted it to himself saw her as a bit of a mother figure, or at very least an aunt, the sort who whizzes about town on a bicycle and takes up causes and goes swimming in the winter. He had a small office towards the front of the Church and was often on duty watching for people coming in, people who needed feeding very often. The custom was that people who could afford to pay for their food would pay for some more for someone who couldn't, for there were always such people, even in prosperous egalitarian Upland. Some people, as Bergstrom said, are just like that.

The End

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