Your Home is in the Sun

Delendra Mutandis, known as Del for short, ran the last hundred metres back to the house just as the autumnal sun was peeking over the trees to the East. She opened the front door and walked into the kitchen, shaking out limbs that were light with her morning's exercise. Once round the lake, the trail interestingly leafy this morning. The far mountain range was beginning to show white with early snow. She grinned. Today was likely to be a good day.

She hoped so, anyway. No work to be done except tidying up, but she knew herself well enough to know she would sit down with her guitar at some point; that convoluted orchestral work would not write itself, and Dame Julie Smytt, she of the Upland Symphony Orchestra and more to the point of the Winter Festival, was expecting to hear something from her soon. Not something that was just, "I've been too busy," but actual music. WinFest began on 21 December so she would be putting the finishing notes to it now, wouldn't she?

Well yes, but she also had a day job.

The house's other inhabitants were waking up as she took a leisurely shower and, wrapped in a scarlet towel, went to make her breakfast in the airy apple-green kitchen.

Half an hour later a tram shrieked to a vagrant halt outside her door.

The End

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