The Letter

I’m pretty sure it was early October; I never really kept the date in my records. I just got back home to my Manhattan apartment after proving the recent upstate Bigfoot sighting was a hoax and was sorting through my week’s worth of mail. I took some time to read though it, throwing away the junk mail and shredding my car payment and cable bills. What I almost missed at the bottom of the pile was a rather official looking government letter. Normally I would have just thrown it away because all they usually are is a bunch of threats from the IRS about how I don’t pay my taxes but this one was from a completely different agency. I tore the envelope along the finely perforated edge and removed the paper to read the letter.

            Dear Mr. McFuller,

   We are pleased to inform you that, after viewing your previous records and files as provided by the United States Army and New York Police Department, we find you eligible to join our TOP SECRET special defense team in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We hope you will consider joining our forces and look forward to seeing you at our special conference this weekend in Washington D.C. please find attached, your form of permissions and keep it safe as you will need it to enter our facility.

Best regards,

Department of Paranormal Threat Investigation and Suppression.

           I can certainly say that I thought the idea was totally ridiculous; after all, why would the FBI want some tax evading slum that was discharged from the army due to authority issues on their team. At the same time the fact that it came from some paranormal threat force was ringing my ever chiming bogus bell. It seemed like someone was just trying joke me for my chosen career path just because I didn't believe in ghosts and aliens and the Loch Ness Monster.

            That night was extremely restless to me despite the fact that I spent most of the day drinking in the bar across the street. Even though the letter sounded like a joke, I couldn’t help but feel enticed by the whole idea of joining that team. Maybe they would forgive me for evading my taxes; unlikely. After spending the whole night tossing and turning over that damned letter for several days, I decided to pack up some things and take the five hour drive down to DC and find out if the letter was really legit. Once I got to the FBI headquarters things started to get really interesting.


The End

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