A former top-secret government organization dedicated to the investigation and suppression of paranormal threats is reunited after a series of unexplainable anomalies captures the attention of the media. One such incident brings a pair of teens to help a girl who seemingly fell from the sky into the middle of Las Vegas. (This story follows the same plot as FALLEN but from a different point of view.)

My name is Chaz McFuller. Ever since high school, I have had a problem with authority. I’ve been in detention so many times in my four years that I couldn’t even count them all. The day I got my driver’s license I was arrested for drag racing down a busy city street in addition to having alcohol and weed on my breath. As soon as they cuffed me I spat in the officer’s face and sat in jail for week. On my eighteenth birthday, I dropped out of school and enlisted in the army. My parents thought it would teach me to respect my elders but to me it just meant that I could go over seas to shoot some people. Actually I was dishonorable discharged a year later for punching a senior officer a few times just ‘cause I got sick of listening to his bragging about being a hardass and how everyone on our base was below him. After that I decided to pursue a career in proving that all that crap about haunted houses and Bigfoot and the like was exactly that…crap. Four years later however I received a letter from the government asking to be a member of their top secret organization of an undisclosed purpose. I thought it was a joke but I decided to play the game anyway. Let me tell you that the visit I had was a complete eye opener for me. Once I was inducted into the FBI’s Department of Paranormal Threat Investigation and Suppression, my life pretty much changed forever.    

The End

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