Shoot The Immortal Cat

Based on a dream I had last night. I say based on because it's like as not inaccurate for the most part.Seemed to be something between a zombie apocalypse and a roboapocalype, and a run-around-and-fight-slash-kill-stuff game thing. Quite fun, actually.


That was what the sign said, anyway, in a clear, bold, blood coloured font. It was attached to the one behind it with plastic ties, in such a way that it could be flipped over to read the other notice.

The one behind it read:

WARNING: The old woman has metal legs that will deflect bullets and the cat is unkillable. Self-reloading shotguns are recommended, as is RUNNING AWAY VERY FAST IMMEDIATELY. Talking to the old woman will almost certainly result in a rather sticky end. Please do not try to kill or feed the unkillable cat.

"Thank you, mister sign writer," I muttered. I flipped the sign back to GET OUT NOW and ignored its bright red advice. There was a raised circle about five metres away - rather, I thought there was. The lack of lighting kept visibility low and typical 'oh no, everything's gonna kill me' factor high.

Something made a noise that sounded like a cat being trodden on and a black and white thing landed in the middle of the circle. I automatically aimed the gun I was carrying and shot at it. There was a satisfying wet thud as the bullets hit whatever it was. 

The lightweight rifle clicked softly as it reloaded itself.

The End

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