I Promise You I'm Not Insane!

With his lifes work finished he packed his project, grabbed his car keys and set off to his work station. The car made a choking sound as it started up, during the car journey Huckle was planning the conversation he was going to have with Proffesor Bargewell, but deep down he knew that the conversation would not go how he wanted it to.

Huckle pulled up, took a deep breathe and scanned his ID card.

"Access granted" said a computer in a high womens voice. The door then split down the middle and opened before him, he took the first step inside, then another, step by step his convidenced grew and grew. A door stood before him, and hanging down was a sign that read "Proffesor Bargewell" Huckle took in one last breathe and knocked on the door.

"Enter" came a croaky voice from inside the room, " Ahh Huckle, How are you my friend please take a seat. What is you have to ask me."

"...well, you see, the reason I haven't been comming in as often is because well, you see..." Huckle explained the vision he had at the age of 19 and he spent many many years trying to get the secret in a shoe.

"riiiiiiiiiiight, so you've spent 26 years on a shoe," chuckled Bargewell

"I know it sounds mental by please believe me," Pleaded Huckle.

"well, what exactly is this huge secret? asked Bargewell. Huckle suddenly became extremely nervouse, he knew that he couldn't say but at the same time he knew that if he didn't say surely everyone would think that he has lost it.

"I...I... I can't say" Stuttered Huckle

"Um... Huckle, i'd like you to give me to shoe." Exclaimed Bargewell, now shaking with nerves Huckle handed Bargewell the shoe, Bargewell had a long hard look at the shoe, his eyes then widened, a drop of sweat ran down his forehead, Bargewell turned to Huckle and shouted.

"Leave now, Just go, go and don't come back!"

"Bu.but what abo..."

"Just go, you've lost it." Huckle stood up and grabbed his bag, he went to take the shoe from Bargewell but he refused to hand it over, Huckle then exited the room, close to tears, and most of all, embarresed, he knew he was right, but he understood why they may think he is completely insane, Huckle left the building and begun the long depressing drive back to his appartment.

"Sir, we have a code red situation, i'm calling an emergency meeting, this needs to be sorted out now, Bargewell out."

The End

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