3 months ago

"Finally it's done!" Shouted Thomas Huckle, "It took 26 years but i've finaly finished."

A shoe, used in everyday life, one for the left foot, one for the right foot, nothing to special about them. Boots, the shoes big brother, "as i like to call them." nothing to special about them either, or the football boot, the shoes cousine, fair enough it does add some extra support when running, but hey, nothing really special about them either.

Like i said, shoes, not special, you have a pair, maybe several, always sticking side by side in couplets. They come in a many shapes and colours,  but this very shoe was very special, unlike the others it worked alone, it didn't need a partner, it was a solo agent. But we all know  that shoes can't move or breath or even, sadly, talk. But i will be personifying this single shoe just to spice up the story a bit more. But what made this shoe "special" well that my friend, that is a secret that not even you can find out. For this shoe must be kept so no man, or women, can ever unlock the secret it holds.

The End

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