Robotic Heaven

I got my robotic shoe laces today! Oh my how much i love them. They were perfect and very comfy! They were really nice too. They even spoke to me as they tied themselves, or speak to each other which and were arguing with each other. Oh my… i wish i could have hundreds of them all just wrapping in a ball round and round. How cool would that be? Hundreds, even thousands of the robot shoe laces all together talking, moaning, arguing! How much that would be a laugh it is untrue. Maybe one day it will happen.

I enjoyed it so much. My shoe lace's tied themselves as i sat on the stairs waiting for mother. She always took forever getting ready and it annoyed me alot! But i suppose she was the boss. I have to do what she says, i am only 11. I stood up and went to the door. There was a scream from outside. I looked out there and i could see a kid on the floor. "I'll be outside mother"

I heard her shouting at me telling me not too but i ignored her and opened the door. I walked out to where the kid was on the floor. I looked at him confused. His shoelaces were around his legs squeezing them.

"Get them off me get them off me" He said in a paddy. I tried to pull on them but they wouldn't budge. By now his parents were out the house and screaming. His dad tried to pull the lace's off but they wouldn't budge. All of a sudden i felt my feet move, the shoe laces were undoing themselves and climbing out of my shoe. They walked over to others where they build up. "What the!" The kids mum shouted. I looked at the shoe laces gathering together building one giant one the size of the kids father and he was tall! We all stepped backwards as a roar came from the aglet of the lace. Parents screamed as kids cried. I stood there in the middle of the street mouth wide open gazing at the shoelace. Hundreds of them... All joined together in one. One monster shoelace.

The End

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