Shoelace monster

The story of the shoelace monster. In a world where Shoelaces were robotic, but one day turned against the owners. What will happen? How will the Shoelace Moster be destroyed?!

Where the days turned bright, no kids had to mess with their laces, no kid had to argue with their parents for velcro shoes. For today, today the robotic shoelaces were released. All kids screamed with joys, parents finally had given up as their wishes came true. Kids lined up for hours to get their very own robot Shoelaces. The laces that tied themselves, even spoke to people! Hours upon hours robotic Shoelaces were selling. By the end of 12 hours after they went on sale they began to sell out in shops. "I got some i got some" Kids screamed along the road jumping with joy. The robotic Shoelaces joining in, freaky i know! I was after my own pair, waiting in line since 3pm after school. It was now 6pm. How badly i wanted some of those shoes. The shoes that would make everything so much easier. How much i would love to just have Shoelaces tied up for me instead of me moaning at my mum and her moaning at me to learn. Yes im 11, and a female that hates shoelaces. But i mean who doesn't? Obviously the nerds love them, but im not one of them. Almost at the front, i was so excited! "Come onnnn how much longer mum?!" I looked at her with my puppy eyes, they always worked on her, always got my own way. Had to love it! I mean where else would i go to get something i wanted?

The End

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