House Invasion

It started off as a pretty normal week night for me. I gave my mom a hug before she went off to her Dance. I brushed my teeth, no scratch that I probably didn’t knowing me then. I got ready for bed. I went down to my basement room and called my boyfriend. We talked for a while said good bye and I crawled into my bed to sleep.

As I was drifting off to sleep, curled up on my side, I heard a noise. The floor creaked as someone walked through the house. I froze as those footsteps started down the basement stairs. There was no hesitation in them, as if the person knew exactly where they were going. They were going straight toward my bed. When they got there I smelled alcohol on them. Since I was facing the other way, and the basement is pretty dark, I couldn’t even sneak a peek to see who it was.

As I’m frozen there lying on my side, praying nothing horrible is about to happen, the person leans over. Their hands pat my body, my side, thank goodness, and then they leave. I listen to the footsteps go back up the stairs and out of the house. For what felt like an hour I lay there frozen.

At last I called my neighbor. She sends someone else to look around the house. No one is there. I leave a message for my mom and go to my neighbors. We sip hot coco while I calm down and wait for my mom to get home.

When my mom takes too long to get back, I call the house. She’s there but that night was the one night she didn’t check on me when she got home because she had a migraine.

To this day I have no idea who came into my house. The only thing I’m certain of is that it was someone I know and it wasn’t my original suspect (he was at the Dance my mom was at). I also, never go to bed without making sure doors are locked.

The End

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