People Trafficking

People Trafficking is slavery. The charity, Stop the Traffik, has a slogan: People shouldn't be bought and sold.

A boy at my school saw that the other day. Well, it was a few months ago now.

"But they're not," he said, as if I was stupid.

"Yes, they are," I told him. I started to explain about trafficking - about how people are tricked to leave their homes and made to work for no money.

"No, because that's called slavery, and that was abolished over two hundred years ago," he told me, speaking very slowly as though I was mentally deficient.

I went through it all over again, opening my folder to show him the statistics I'd printed off only the previous day.

He read them, and then said,

"Well, that's their problem. It's not my fault and I don't care."

A friend of mine came over at that point - probably a good thing, because I was seeing red.

"Who's this?" she said.

"Some heartless git that just turned up," I said.

"Do you know him?" she asked.


"Well, then, you can't call him a git!"

"I just did."


It should be explained that I am a very passionate supporter of Stop the Traffik. I feel very strongly about issues like this, especially since slavery was supposed to be abolished.

For more information about trafficking - where it is, how big a problem it is, and how you can help stop it, please visit, Thank You.

Don't be a heartless git.

Those girls, women, boys, men, they need your help. They're crying out for release - and we can give it to them.

The End

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