Ship's Log

Sailing Vessel Redhat

The Fifteenth day of July
Two Thousand and Eight Anno Domini

    I write presently to report our current state of inactivity precipitated by a disappointing lull of inspirational winds necessary for us to pursue our useful and desired goals.  The crew busies itself with routine maintenance of the vessel, and conducting such activities as are required in providing for our daily needs, but I am acutely aware of a pressing desire to escape these present doldrums and engage our collective skills to a more fruitful purpose. 

    In an effort to discover navigational guidance, I often busy myself studying the courses and voyages of those whom have preceded us through similar conditions.  I find myself at times disheartened by the numerous accounts of heroic and clever seamanship; only because the sheer number and greatness of the tales indicate to me that the once fertile hunting grounds of this world may have been over-fished to the point of depletion.  Though, as captain, I publicly espouse a desire to find reward only sufficient to justify our endeavors, inwardly, like so many of my peers, I am driven onward by the possibility to strike harpoon into truly remarkable and unprecedented quarry. 

    During these times of sequestration, I am buoyed only by the sight through my spyglass of our compatriots.  Their vessels on the horizon, with topsails full of wind, carry along with them a cargo of which their quartermasters may not be fully aware.  The good wishes, and gratitude of myself and my inspired crew are stowed away with them as they make way.

The End

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