Chapter 4? - i suck at naming

Adrane wandered into the still-dark kitchen to look for breakfast. There was a box of doughnuts on the table. Adrane grabbed two for herself and another one for Mauretania.


“Grandmama never told me what Ships ate. I hope Mauretania won't get mad if I feed her doughnuts.” Adrane mumbled to herself as she walked back to her bedroom.


Mauretania was awake when Adrane entered the room.


I hope you like doughnuts. Adrane told the Ship as she tossed the doughnut to her. Mauretania devoured it with relish and looked at Adrane, as if expecting more. 


What? Adrane asked. I didn't even know you ate doughnuts.


I eat everything you eat. Used to sneak into the kitchens back on board the ship to steal food off the plates. Those first class passengers sure did eat well. Mauretania sighed, remembering the past when she still was an ocean liner and not a mere Ship-Spirit.


Mauretania, I don't know what your plans are for today but I must stay home. I have to finish an essay on the cultural effects of the Titanic disaster and I have been procrastinating. Adrane told the Ship.


That's fine with me. Its not like I have any pressing matters to attend to. I'll just laze around the room then. Mauretania replied and sailed back to her 'nest'. Adrane smiled at the Ship and went over to her computer to get started on the essay.


It was late in the day when Adrane was finally done with her essay. Stretching her stiff body, Adrane stood up and looked for Mauretania. It was with a smile that she discovered the Ship had fallen asleep in a “burrow” made with her blanket.


That night, at dinner, Adrane introduced the Ship to her family. Her mother fell in love with the Ship at once and was more than happy to feed her whatever she desired. 


You're going to grow fat Maury, at the rate my mother feeds you. Adrane cheerfully remarked that night. Mauretania looked at her with sleepy eyes as she prepared to settle down in bed.

The End

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