Chapter 3? - i guess

Titanic, where are you? Come back. Grandmama has passed away. I'm your new Guardian. Come here. Come to me. Adrane whispered as the gripped the amulet tightly in her hands. She closed her eyes and let her magickal senses take over. She now could see the faint glimmer outlining the distant ships out at sea. Far to her left, she could hear a ship's calling and quickly made contact.


Why do you seek another of our kin? The Ship asked. Adrane locked her magickal hearing onto that ship. It was the QE2. Adrane inwardly gasped. The QE2 was one of the few remaining ships around that could be considered a true ocean liner. She looked around in search of the Ship's physical form and now saw her docked at the passenger terminal a short distance away. Adrane mentally berated herself for not noticing the  ship earlier.


My Lady, I wish to contact Titanic. Her Guardian has passed on. I am her new Guardian. Adrane replied, the respect evident in her voice.


Titanic? She's of the older generation. I have little contact with her. I shall contact one of my sisters and they can help you. QE2 replied. Adrane bowed, thanking the Ship profusely


A short while later, Adrane could sense another ship. She looked to her left and could see the Mauretania sailing towards her. It was almost like a dream come true. Adrane's love of the olden day ocean liners extended across the gamut of ships.


Mauretania my sister. I apologise for calling to you. Please forgive a younger sister for such an act. QE2 had sailed over to Mauretania's side.


Don't be silly. We are sisters. I cannot ignore your call. I would have called Lusitania along but she is occupied. My sister has made it her personal mission to seek out the White Star's Olympic. Mauretania replied. Adrane watched with interest. The Ships were now resting on the forecastle of the Mauretania. In her eyes, they resembled model ships, except for the magickal glow that surrounded them and the fact that they had eyes and a mouth. Mauretania was so full of the old magick that it almost hurt Adrane to look at her as her.


Perhaps sister, it would better benefit the Speaker if we continued our discussion at her side. QE2 suggested. Mauretania agreed and they sailed over to Adrane's side. Now that the Ships were next to her Adrane had come to realize that they were truly not much larger that model ships. For a moment, the thought that she could have displayed them as model ships and no one would have suspected anything crossed her mind but she quickly discarded that thought for it seemed too disrespectful.


Speaker, I have no knowledge of you. Mauretania had now turned her attention to Adrane. Adrane felt uneasy under the Ship's piecing gaze. Mauretania's magick was evident in her eyes. They shifted colour from pale blue to a silver in turn.


My Lady, my name is Adrane. I am the granddaughter of Morgana, the Guardian of the Titanic. She had entrusted her Speaker's Amulet to me just days before she passed on. Adrane explained. Mauretania took on a thoughtful expression.


If that is the case, then she would have named you Speaker, or in your case Guardian. I have no Guardian myself and would dearly like one. However it would seem an impossible task for a budding Guardian like yourself to take on two ships. I shall not complicate your task then. I will be a companion to you but without the commitments of a Speaker-Ship relationship. QE2 my sister, what do you think? Mauretania looked to her "sister" for a reply.


My sister, you are much older and wiser than I can ever hope to be. Such a decision is one that can impact on your future. However, I will respect whatever decision you make. Speaker, what do you think? QE2 replied.


My Ladies, this is such a honour. Great Lady Mauretania I will be honoured if you chose me as companion. Adrane was overwhelmed by happiness.


Then it is settled. QE2 I thank you for calling to me. Adrane my pseudo Guardian, let us join our magicks together and share in our new found friendship. Mauretania declared. She then sailed to her new perch on Adrane's shoulder. The two new friends then watched and waved as QE2 sailed back to her ship.

The End

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