chapter 2? - sort of

“Did you go see grandmother?” Adrane's mother asked at dinner that weekend. Adrane nodded, her mouth full of food. It wouldn't do her good to speak with a full mouth. Her parents, especially her father, were strict about the children's table manners and would not hesitate to reprimand her for speaking with her mouth full.


“She gave me her Titanic amulet. She says I'm the Guardian of the Titanic now. Sadly I'm afraid I'm not up to the task.” Adrane told her parents once she had swallowed her food. Her parents exchanged knowing looks. After all, they knew about the family's magickal powers and the older generation often spent many a family gathering discussing who would be the next Guardian. They were proud that it was their daughter who was chosen.


Adrane fingered the amulet that now hung from her neck on a silver chain. It had been slightly over a week since her grandmother had given it to her. For Adrane, the last week had been nothing but complete chaos. Three days after she visited the older woman, her grandmother had passed away in her sleep. The funeral had ended the day before but Adrane still felt that she lacked closure about the whole thing. Added to her worries was the fact that she had been neglecting her school work for the past week. 


I have to find Titanic. She must be informed that Grandmama has passed away. Adrane decided as she headed out of the lecture hall. Normally she would have gone straight to the bus stop to catch a shuttle bus back to her hostel but today she had other plans. After bidding her friends goodbye, Adrane headed towards the library. She had planned to get some research done for her assignments.


The library was quiet, a fact that Adrane was happy for. On any given day, the library would be filled with students hoping to escape the heat and taking advantage of the sofas and air conditioning. Today was Friday and most students had already left the campus and heading to the city and nightspots to relax after a hard week's work.


Adrane quickly made her way towards the maritime history section of the library. Her university was one of the few in South East Asia that offered a degree in maritime history and the library was thus stocked with research materials for the course. 

The End

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