Staying and GoingMature

"Georgia!" A voice shouted through the crowds. She stopped and ran back. She was by Roberts side before I could stop her.

*     *     *     *

"He likes you, you know." I murmered to her two evening before. "Like, really likes you."

She laughed. "No he doesn't. Not like that."

I sniggered at her. "G, I have seen the way he looks at you. When he watches you, there's a little sparkle in his eye." I recalled.

She shook her head, as if disappointed. "He's not watching me, Evan. He's watching you."

*     *     *     * 

Robert handed her the envelope and kissed her cheek. She ran back to me with a tear-stained face. "Let's go." She whispered, taking my hand.

Annabell, her mother, was holding the lifeboat back for us. I steadied Georgia as she hopped into it. Before I did, I looked through the crowd, where he was still watching. Maybe she was right...

"Wait!" An irish voice was calling. The man ran with his daughter's hand in his. Her small blue eyes were sleepily held open. Her blonde hair was curled messily from where she'd been resting. "Please wait!"

He approuched the boat and pratically threw his daughter in it. Suddenly, a look of great panic smeared over his face. "Brianna? Brianna, where are you?!"  He cried. The lifeboat began to lower. The girl burst into tears, calling after her father.

I took her in my arms. "You look after her!" He shouted down to me.

I nodded. "I will sir."

Chaos broke out above us. Screams and shouts grew louder. A shot was fired and one boomed above the rest. "There are no more boats!" Murdoch roared. "There are no more boats!"

The End

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