Beginning of the EndMature

The boat jolted. A small sqeel escaped my mouth, just as it did from Georgia's. Her mother was convince everything was normal, but her father left in a hurry. Without hestitaion his daughter followed, pulling me behind her.

"Where's 'e goin'?" I asked.

Georgia's tone was clear but swamped in worry. "Father's close friends with one of the ship's top gentlemen." To me, what she was saying was confusing, but she seemed to understand.

"He knows the Captian?"

"No. Well, yes, but that isn't who I'm talking about."

"Who then?"

"Thomas Andrews. He'll know what's going on."

"Thomas Andrews." Began my father. "He is the designer of the Titanic."

"Titanic? What's that?"

"The Titanic. The ship of dreams." He resited.

*     *     *     *

I stopped dead. Sinking!? How could we be sinking!? It was the UNSINKABLE ship!

"Captain Smith's given the order for women and children to board the boats." Andrews anccounced. "Get on early." He said to Georgia and I.


I woke from my daze. "Yes'sir, Mr Thompson?"

"Go back to the cabin, get Annabell, and board imediately. Right away, you hear?"

I nodded. "Yes'sir."

I collected his wife and dragged her up onto the deck. 

The End

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