Back-to-front, Upside downMature

"Le'me go!"

"What in God's name is going on!?" The grip loosened slightly. Who was it? The Captian? No, this was his order.

I glanced up the man and his teenaged daughter. It was a passenger. From here in 1st class, no less.

The girl was watching me.

"She's a stowaway, sir." Mr Murdoch said, in a somewhat friendlier tone. I silently asked the girl for help, hoping no one else saw. "And she was refusing to co-operate." Could you blame me?

"Sir," The girls voice she as silky as the dress she wore. "You're mistaken. This girl is not a stowaway." She was calm and I felt a drifting of trust wash into me.

"Then why can't she present a ticket?"

"She traveling with us, you see. She's our..." Pausing breifly, she looked at me while she imagined an excuse. "...our maid. Yes, she is our maid. We told her go ahead of us."

Maid? Did I really look that desperate?

Murdoch gave the command and I was released. I could already see bruises coming through my skin.

What now? Thank them and leave? No, they just saved me fron God know what. Acting as their maid was the least I could do.

*    *    *    *

The servants quarters were tiny, but better than I was used to. I had to bardge my way into them. Few of the workers were English. Italian, Spanish, even Chinese. Most of them were employed by the richer end of 1st class, the few Brits I saw were working for the other passengers in the class.

I was searching for the butler of the family I'd met. Roberts, I think his name was. I hadn't been told what he looked like, but they'd told him I was coming. They probably told him; Look out for that wee Scottish girl, she'll be trouble. They all thought I was trouble. Why? What had I ever done? Was it because I Scottish? Probably.

After quarter of an hour searching, I found him.

Roberts was smaller than I expected. I thought he'd be an old, grey man, but it was quite the opposite. He couldn't have been a day over 24. It was somewhat uncommon for a gentleman so young to be serving such a family. 

"Finally, there you are." He said rather harshly. "I've been waiting for half an hour." How rude. I hoped he wasn't like this all of the time.

He was.


The End

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