Ship of Dreams, Love of NightmaresMature

My eyes were black from yet another sleep-less night. How could I sleep? How was I supposed to forget everything? Everyone else had forgotten, or put it behind them at least. If they could do it, why couldn't I?

"Evangeline?" Georgia's soft voice drifted towards me. "Are you alright?" I turned my head to glance at her, then back to watch the sky. The same stars twinkled just as they did that night.

Again I lost myself in the moonlight. Forgetting about my sister, I allowed a tear to run down my cheeks. The chill brought me back, and I hoped that she hadn't seen it. "I..." I didn't know what to say. "I miss him."

She placed her hand gently on my shoulder. "I know, Evan." She spoke in a whisper. "So do I."

*    *    *    *

"May I see your ticket miss?" Ticket? I didn't have a ticket. I froze. What was I going to do? Even worse, what was he going to do? There was nothing for it. Run.

My sack bounced off of my back as I sprinted. Finally, a good use for my height. Being small had it's advantages after all. Doudging between passengers wasn't easy, but it was a hell of a lot harder for the staff persuing me.

At least three men now. Four, five. When some stopped chasing me, another stared. Along the deck, down the stairs, through corridor after corridor. I swerved around the corner.

I ground to a halt. What now? Turn back? No, I was surrounded. Doudge past?

I threw myself under his right arm but grabbed me before I could move. When he let go, two stronger fists pinned me down.

Mr Murdoch looked down on me as if I were lower than dirt. "What should we do with her sir?" Asked one of the men.

His Scottish accent was rich, and would've been music to my ears if it came from anyone else. "You know the Captian's orders. She can go with the other stowaways." What happened to the other stowaways? I daren't ask.

As they escorted me away, I began to growl. I wasn't going without a fight. "Get off'ah me you bastards! Get off'ah me!" I screamed. Maybe someone would help, though I doubted it. I was in 1st class after all.

"Le'me go!"

The End

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