Magic In A Bottle

'What about this? Is this magic?' Emily screamed at Luke, holding up a lovely conch.

'No Emily, it's not,' Luke answered wearily.

He felt too grown-up for this nonsense, he was 10 now and a grown man. His 8-year-old sister was really so childish.

'And this? Luke, is it magic?' Emily shouted as she watched the sea lapping around her ankles and burying her toes in brown sand.

'No Emily, it's just water,' was Luke's answer.

Emily looked at the water. Don't worry, I do believe you're magic, she thought. Then she swam for a bit. Some salty water hit her lips and she licked it off.

'Luke, it's salty! It's not water, it's salty! It must me magic, Luke!' she screamed back to the shore.

'No, Emily, that's normal for sea water,' her brother told her.

Emily pouted and got out of the water.

'Well how come I can fly when I'm in the water, hmm?' she asked.

'That's not magic, that's physics,' Luke said.

'You use that fizux to explain everything nowadays!' exclaimed Emily.

She trotted back to the water and sat down in the sand. Luke was so boring! It seemed like he was wiser when he was 8. She was 8 now, and she was wiser than him. Maybe people were wisest when they were 8? Emily put her elbows on her knees and cupped her face in her hands. At that moment, an old-looking green glass bottle was swept onto the shore by a wave. It stopped right at her feet. It was corked and sealed shut, and there was an note inside.

'I'll bet you're going to tell me this isn't magic, either,' Emily said to Luke, holding up the bottle.

Luke opened an eye and looked at the bottle.

'No, it's not magic, it's a filthy bottle. Throw it away! People should know better than to litter in the sea,' he said.

Emily frowned and looked at the bottle.

No way am I going to throw you away. You have a note inside, you're special!

'Kids, it's time. Come on, get your bags, and we'll go to the car,' their father called.

Emily got up, wiped the sand off her bum and walked to the chairs where Luke and herself had left their bags. Before anybody could see, she put the bottle into her bag.

'I'm ready, Dad,' she said.

The End

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